Friday, May 28, 2010

Maple Brew

Deus Ex Machina took some of our maple brew** to work to share with a couple of his colleagues. One of them told him that it was not beer, but rather champagne - because it's sparkling.

I'm still going to call it beer, and it's very beer-like in flavor, although I do have to agree that it's a wee-bit sparkly.

But it's not fruity (not surprising as it's made from maple sap and there's no fruit in it ;)

There's really no completely accurate comparison. It's maple brew. It tastes like maple brew, and to try to say it tastes like [insert beverage name] is like saying rabbit tastes like chicken. It does, but really, it doesn't. It's different, but there's no way to say how or why. It just is.

Maple brew tastes like maple brew, and to know what that means, one has to taste maple brew.

I will say that it's delicious ... and pretty potent* ... and next year, if we have a short season and our stored sap starts to ferment, we'll have some more maple brew.

It's definitely worth the effort ;).

**Please note that our maple brew is not the same as beer that has had maple syrup added. It is fermented maple sap that has been boiled down, but not all the way to syrup. We didn't add any sugar, but we did add brewer's yeast, and fermented in the same way as we do our cider.

So, it doesn't taste like maple syrup, either :).

*The other evening we went out to eat, and I had two (very) large (and expensive) margaritas. I didn't feel it as much as I'm feeling this half glass of maple brew. Guess it's pretty potent ;). Apparently, I'm not a cheap date ... unless you're like Deus Ex Machina, and you can brew your own ... free, from maple sap ;).


  1. We are enjoying a maple beer tonight and it pretttyyyy fine;)

  2. Oh man, if those restaurant margaritas didn't do you in, then I think one sip or even a whiff of your maple brew would have done me in!

  3. Fleecnik ... pretttyyyy fine is exactly it ;).

    Bezzie ... and here I thought I was a light-weight *grin* ;). I was a little surprised when I wolfed down the first margarita, and ... nothing, and then ordered the second one. I was a little lightheaded halfway through the second, but not as much as after only half a glass of our maple brew. I reckon, worst case scenario, Deus Ex Machina has found a vocation :).

  4. the maple brew sounds very nice - I currently have a gallon of vanilla mead bubbling away in my bathroom closet - can't wait til it's done. Mead almost always does me in - yum

  5. I am going to have to try some of this "Maple Brew"! ;)

  6. Maybe we need to sample some of that there maple brew next weekend?!

  7. Hope - I'll show you mine if you show me yours? *grin*

    Leigh, if you have maple trees where you are and you can tap them, I highly recommend it!

    Rowan ... we might just be able to accommodate you on that. Deus Ex Machina said that he prefers the cider, though, and I suggested that he bring both ;).