Saturday, May 1, 2010

If I Were the Paranoid Type

We're sitting the waiting area of the dance school this afternoon. Big Little Sister and Precious were taking their in-between-class lunch/snack break. The school is right on Main Street, and traffic is pretty much constant.

Big Little Sister pointed to the window that looks out at the street and said, "Hey, look! An Army truck just went by. There were people in the back."

We don't live in a military town. In fact, I don't think there are any "military towns" like the ones I grew up in and the ones I lived in/near when I was enlisted in the whole state. Maybe Brunswick, but that's a ways from where we live.

So, when we see soldiers in uniform or military vehicles (not military surplus comme civilian vehicles, but actual vehicles with the military bumper numbers), we notice. It's weird.

One of the kids said that they see them all the time passing their house on weekends, and we surmised that there must be a Guard training area out where they live.

Ah, mystery solved.

But if I were paranoid, I might think that this is the beginning of getting us accustomed to seeing the military hanging around ... in preparation for some martial law/population control scenario.

Glad I'm not paranoid.


  1. Yes, it's a good thing you're not paranoid, or else who knows what you might stay up worrying about...


  2. I'm out and about in uniform this weekend. But where I live, it doesn't get a second look.

  3. Rach - yeah, who knows? And there's just so much "stuff" to dwell on, too. It's a wonder I can sleep at all :).

    Suburban - When I was enlisted, I wore my BDUs all over town, all of the time. At my last duty station, I lived off-post, and so on the way home, errands were done in uniform, but it was a military town with a very large military population. So, like where you are, it didn't even draw a second glance. Here, that's not so much true, and so seeing military vehicles or someone in the grocery store in uniform is something we notice ;).

  4. Having grown up next to a military base, I probably wouldn't notice. On the other hand, we're quite a bit farther out now so it would be out of place. A van full of old people, now that would be normal here. ;-)

  5. Chile - Yeah, I would never have thought that it would be on my radar either. My dad retired after a career in the military when I was fourteen, and so I spent most of my childhood living on or near military bases, and then, after college, I enlisted and spent several years as a soldier myself. So, one would think that seeing someone in uniform wouldn't phase me, as it was such a huge part of my life for so long. But, for whatever reason, it just is out of place here, and we always notice ;).

  6. Whuahahah! I was thinking the SAME thing Friday night when I left work and noticed a couple of dudes chatting in the parking lot in their fatigues. Back home in AK I wouldn't have looked twice, but here--I noticed!

  7. Too funny, Bezzie. I guess we're both a little (not) paranoid ;).