Sunday, April 11, 2010

Maple Brew

It was nearing the end of the season. The days were getting warmer and the nights not quite so cold. The taps weren't flowing quite so freely, and the sap that was in the storage barrel was starting to go cloudy. It was fermenting, which means it was not so good for syrup.

So, Deus Ex Machina decided to try making maple beer.

We have read some articles on maple beer and had thought it might be fun to make it, but because sap is such a precious gift and because real maple syrup is what we like, but it's incredibly expensive, we wanted as much of the sap as possible for syrup. It would have felt like we were wasting the sap if we'd made it into beer, because the girls won't be drinking the beer, but they will enjoy the syrup.

When the sap turned cloudy, we figured this was our chance.

The sap was boiled down to 6%, as measured with a Hydrometer. Deus Ex Machina added some brewer's yeast, poured everything into a fermenting bucket with an airlock and let it sit for a couple of weeks until it stopped bubbling.

Tonight, he bottled it.

I had a taste, and all I can say is ... Yum!

It was the perfect way to end the season :).


  1. That is so cool! I never heard of Maple Beer. Have you made Dandelion Wine yet? I love that stuff. And I am not fond of most wines.

  2. okay - that just sounds so yummmm. I'm making my first batch of mead this week - takes a bit longer than a couple of weeks though.