Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In the News

In Australia, they are being told to "expect a higher cost of living."

In fact, in a recent news interview, Premier Barnett stated, "... that is part of getting to a situation where users of electricity, gas and water pay the real cost of providing those services, and to make sure that those utilities have the ability to make the investments in future supply."

In short, he's saying, "Hey, folks, you can stop counting on the government to subsidize these services, and you'll need to, now, pay the actual cost, not the cost minus the government subsidy."

Our government is planning to impose a value added tax on us, which means that we'll be, basically, taxed to live and breath within the US borders. Talk about increasing the cost of living.

I admire the Australian Premier for, at least, grabbing his cojones and telling people that "Shit is bad, folks, and you're going to have to pay more just to live what, for the past century, has been just an average lifestyle."

We will never hear as much from our leaders. They'll just keep spewing the same old we can fix this - no problemo bullshit rhetoric and turn a blind eye when the utilities companies raise prices and some folks end up in the dark ... or worse, more people end up homeless, because they can't pay the electric bill, and the town condemns their apartment.

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