Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cold Closet

I meant to add a link to this article about how to construct a cold closet.

The thing about a cold closet, especially for those of us in suburbia who don't have basements, is that it's the best solution for lowering our energy usage so that it would be possible for us to, eventually, install an alternative energy generation system and provide for all of our electricity needs (for things like the sump pump, which we apparently need much worse than I originally thought ;).

And then, I can take my old side-by-side refrigerator, rip off all of the working parts, and bury it to make a root cellar - potatoes on one side and apples on the other ;).


  1. Our hopeful new earth bermed home has a cold closet. I am looking forward to replacing the old fridge in the house with the freezer and using the cold closet for food storage and beer cellar;)

  2. One of my long tern plans is to convert a corner of our basement to a root cellar using this article from Mother Earth News:

  3. Very interesting! I'm amazed at how "they" have convinced us that our food is no good if we can't keep it at frigid temps - and that we must refrigerate everything!