Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday - Eat In

Deus Ex Machina had to be on the road earlier than usual today. He had to visit a customer site out-of-state. Ordinarily, this would have been an opportunity ripe for eating out ... and even though he never agreed to participate in the Eat In challenge, (and I didn't, really, ask him to, figuring I'm the one who cooks anyway, and so, the meal prep or lack there of is really in my control), he didn't drive-thru somewhere on his way south - even though he could have, if he'd wanted to.

He's so awesome!

So, before he headed out the door, he grabbed one of the travel mugs and filled it with coffee from home, and I, quickly, fried him an egg and put it on a toasted bagel with cheese. It's actually better than any of the fast-food breakfast sandwiches, in my opinion. I can attest to the fact that the eggs are MUCH fresher (in fact, I think his sandwich this morning was made with the duck egg he brought in when he fed the animals this morning ... laid today, cooked today - can't get much fresher than that!). I wrapped it in a napkin, to go ;).

On a regular day, Deus Ex Machina comes home for lunch, and we have a sit-down meal. Since he wasn't going to be home, I didn't plan on anything specific for lunch. In fact, lunch was Big Little Sister's idea. She decided she wanted to make muffins. First, she wanted chocolate chip muffins, but we only had a few chocolate chips, and so we decided on blueberry muffins, but we hit the snag of not having enough butter without using up all that we had in the fridge. Then, I remembered that I had some lard.

We used that in place of the butter. I eye-balled the 1/2 c measure it called for and put it in a tiny iron skillet I have to melt on the woodstove. After it was melted, I poured it into a measuring cup and was saying how very cool that I had measured it, by eye, almost perfectly (with just a little left so that I could grease the muffin pan). I was saying to Big Little Sister that I hoped the muffins tasted good with lard, because it would be good for us to learn to use it in more recipes, and she told me that she, especially needed to learn to cook with lard. I asked her why, and she said because she planned to live in a very rural area and raise pigs. She's a funny girl ;).

Lunch was blueberry muffins, a cup of tea, and a good book (a different sort of TEOTWAWKI novel - and a great read ... so far :).

The muffins were amazing! Super moist and fluffy on the inside. Big Little Sister had three! If you knew her, you'd be amazed that she could eat that much, being the skinny little thing she is ;).

Deus Ex Machina got home around his usual time, but he'd worked through lunch, and opted not to stop for a snack on his way home (did I mention how awesomely amazing he is ... and supportive ... and amazing? :). He ate the one muffin I managed to save for him, and then, I made him some quick nachos to munch while I was finishing up my work for the day.

For dinner, I made pizza.

I thought sure we'd end up eating out. I had my granddaughter all day, which means I didn't get as much of my work done as I should have/would have liked during the day, and ended up working later, and I figured we'd pick-up something and have a late dinner - but we didn't, pick something up, I mean. We did have a late dinner, though ;). Then, with Deus Ex Machina on the road all day, there was a better than average chance that food of some sort would be purchased ... but he didn't, and we didn't.

Tomorrow we have dance class until 7:30. We usually head across the street for pizza to bring home, but I have those beans I cooked yesterday, and some ham still in the refrigerator, and a crockpot ... and my family LOVES baked beans. Maybe I already know the answer to the question "what's for dinner?"

Now, I just need to figure out what's for lunch ....


  1. That, by the way, was the best breakfast sandwich I've every had. The coffee I made was not so good. Thank you.

  2. Rock on for "eyeballing" with the baked goods!!!

  3. Thanks, Bezzie! Like you, I'm a bit of a rebel in the kitchen ;). Recipes are just ... guidelines, right? ;).

    Deus Ex Machina - I'm glad you enjoyed the sandwich. I made sure to put in some extra love ;).

  4. Those muffins sound sooo good!
    I applaud the planning ahead that you're doing. I'd much rather have the crock pot waiting for me than have to pick up a pizza.