Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How Do You Measure the Life of a Woman or Man?

I've been preoccupied with watching this video all day, and the story, Rent, has nothing to do with the theme of my life, except ... it does, doesn't it? It has everything to do with my life and with my hopes for the future, because it is about survival. Certainly, a different sort of survival than I usually discuss, but definitely about navigating the difficulties of an often less-than-ideal situation, and coming out in the end a victor, against the odds.

And the point is that without humanness, without, if you will, love, there isn't much point in all of the things we do. Is there?

In our TEOTWAWKI circles we're always talking about time, and how we're certain there isn't enough of it, but I wager that we have plenty of time to remind ourselves of why we even give a damn about surviving the worst. It's not for myself. I'm pretty sure that my, personal, survival instinct isn't that strong, but I do have a lot to live for, most of whom you've met through my blogging, and they deserve to experience all of the seasons of love that life can provide.

So, I'll be counting each of those five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes each day and remembering to be thankful at least half of them, because a year isn't that much time, and regardless of what happens in our futures, without love, there's not much point.

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