Monday, February 1, 2010

The 98% Food Challenge

Chile has decided to go all hardcore psycho (*grin*) and restrict her diet for the next week to 98% all local foods.

As she is in southern Arizona, she has a distinct advantage over those of us who live in the frozen north (and a good portion of the mid-west and even parts of the south - at least this year). Our deep-freeze is her growing season, and from the looks of things, she certainly has an abundance.

Still ....

When I saw her challenge, my first impulse was to say, "Hell yeah! I'm up for it!" But then, I recalled that ... it's winter, and while we have a pretty good store of food, a significant portion of our breakfast food consists of things like bagels (from the grocery store and not local) and peanut butter. My girls are already pretty slender without taking that protein source from them for a week, just because I could.

So, I didn't take the challenge.

But, then, I decided I would - but modified. So, for this week, we will eat one 98% LOCAL meal PER DAY.

Today, it was lunch.

We had steak (seasonings were not local) on the grill, whipped potatoes (all local, including the butter), applesauce (made with honey instead of sugar - so local ;), and I pulled out a jar of pickles, in case anyone wanted one.

But to make myself feel a little better for not going whole hog on the challenge, I decided to cook everything except the steak on the woodstove ... to save electricity ;).

Over the week, you will notice a distinct lack of "green" stuff on our plate, and that's because, with the exception of pickles, just about all of the frozen veggies I stored for the winter are long-since eaten ... although I do have some cabbage from the Snell's winter market, and I'm pretty certain that will make it into one of our meals ;). Bread/grains will also be missing, because while King Arthur flour is locally milled, I'm fairly certain that the wheat is not grown in New England. The only two grains that I know grow fairly well up here are oats and barley, neither of which I have a reliable local source.

So, meat and potatoes will, likely, be the usual fare ... Deus Ex Machina will be thrilled :).

Oh, and Chile - I think you can count your coffee as being "local" to you ;). Enjoy it, and have a cuppa for me ;).


  1. Meat and potatoes all week? Of course, I thought you were just sweet on me.

  2. Dude! I know it's TEOTWAWKI now! You commented on my blog ;).

    And, of course, I *am* sweet on you ;).