Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The 98% Food Challenge - Day Three

Today's local meal was dinner, and it was soup.

When we had our chickens butchered, we always get a bag of "parts." Not the innards, but, I guess, they're like the necks, but they're not long like turkey necks. Mostly, it's fat and skin, which makes a wonderful, rich and hardy broth.

I added some potatoes and carrots and a few (non-local) spices like salt and pepper. I also added a clove of garlic and some tarragon from my garden. Some Cabot cheddar cheese and Old Cape Cod oyster crackers played along the side.

I didn't get a picture, because we were hungry. It was good soup, and Precious even had two bowls. She's so funny.


  1. we love chicken soup around here. it is a weekly event after a roast chicken dinner. we use the carcass and cook it all day until the bones have given up most of their goodness. there is always plenty of meat for the soup since the back meat is usually intact. the best is when tabitha makes egg noodles. an omelay family favorite.

  2. Karl: My family loves "chicken noodles", too ;). I usually do it the same way you mention - cooking the carcass after we've had roasted chicken, and as you mention, there's usually plenty of meat. Our chicken soup this time didn't have much meat, because the necks aren't very meaty ;), but the flavor was very good.