Friday, January 1, 2010

We Wish You ... a Happy New Year!

We spent the evening entertaining the good people of (insert town name here) as part of a community building project in which my girls' dance school has participated for the past couple of years.

Deus Ex Machina, all three girls, and I performed a Reader's Theatre piece based on the book Piggie Pie!. It was wicked fun, and the girls were amazing ... of course (*grin*)!

This morning we went down to the beach ...

It was snowing, and the waves were breaking hard against the beach. The weather bureau had issued a coastal flood warning.

But a bunch of crazy people had volunteered to participate in the 22nd Annual Lobster Dip to raise money for a worthy organization by jumping into the 38° ocean. This video is from the 2009 Lobster Dip. It was colder last year, but this year it was snowing, and the ocean was much wilder (and more dangerous).

My lovely daughter, MamaDaughter, was one of the crazy people who jumped into the ocean.

I'm so proud of her.

I asked her how it was.

She said it was cold ;).

I said, "Yeah, I know!"

But all I got wet was my feet, because in my attempts to get a picture of her in the waves, I underestimated how close I was to the water and a particularly aggressive wave washed right over my feet ...

... and into my boots ...

... soaking me nearly to the knees, and filling my boots with frigid, ocean water.

And I didn't even get a t-shirt.

I hope everyone had a safe evening and a great day.

As we start into a brand new year, and a new decade ... may you find abundance in your life and may you laugh!

Edited to add the video from the 2010 Lobster Dip:

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  1. YAY for her! i am so doing this next year.
    and man the waves were rough yesterday.