Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Three R's: Featuring "Recycle"

The other day Big Little Sister asked me if I had any guitar picks. She only had one and couldn't find it. I didn't, because I've never really learned to use a pick. In fact, I haven't, quite, learned to pluck the strings, and I just strum with my thumb. So, I don't use a pick.

She needs one, though.

But instead of demanding (pleading, cajoling) that we go out to the music store and get a pick, she jumped right outside of the box and found her own solution. Using an old, plastic gift card, she made her own.

Today, we made these out of an old Best Buy Rewards Program card. There's even a hole in these so that we can attach them to our guitar cases ... or key chains ;).

Sorry about the blurry picture. The camera doesn't do well with small items close up ... or I'm just a lousy photographer ;).

The "recyled card pick" works pretty well, too.


Update on my "Reuse" post: Big Little Sister did a little more decorating on her guitar case. She even has a system of documenting her progress and practice schedule using stars and hearts drawn on the strips and squares. She's so creative ;).

Now, Precious wants to tape up her perfectly good ukulele case, because Big Little Sister's guitar case looks so cool ;).


  1. I'm getting good at "Ode to Joy". I added a heart when I could play that one with out Music. I like my Guitar case.......:D

  2. Very cool. Or you could just do what my Big Boss does and grow your thumbnail long (ewww!). But seriously, I like this idea. I've got a load of those "fake" credit cards they used to send by the boatload w/their applications before the economy tanked and I've got three geetar playing brothers and father.

  3. I like your case too warrior cat lover! Quite an original and truly one of a kind!

  4. For the record, (and totally unrelated, so you can delete) I LOVE your wedding story. It made me smile. Husband showed up after being on leave for a week, said "let's get married" and three days later he left for 6 months to Okinawa. Nearly 25 years later and we haven't killed each other.

    Yet. :)

  5. Thanks, Meadowlark ;). I won't delete your comment. In fact, I'll link to the post on your blog where the "wedding" comment appears ;).

    SciFiChick and Bayberry - Big Little Sister smiled when I told her what you said. She's very proud of her guitar case - and I'm very proud of her ;).

    Bezzie: I told Big Little Sister that you're the most creative blogger I know, and the fact that you thought our little picks were neat was quite a compliment ;).