Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Say No to GMOs

The only way to ensure that your food supply is completely safe from human-centric genetic tampering is to buy from local, organic farmers, or to grow it yourself.

I do both.

I say NO to GMOs!


For the record, though, I was unaware of exactly what GMO meant. The idea of human beings trying to manipulate animal or plant genes didn't really bother me so much, because the fact is that human beings have been tampering with genes since before we even knew, exactly, what genes were.

All animal breeds and plant hybrids are the result of human intervention.

The difference is that an AKC registered beagle puppy has all dog genes, or at least all canine genes. A Maine coon cat is all feline.

A genetically modified tomato, by contrast, is not all tomato. In fact, it's not even all plant. Some of it is animal genes, which are added in a laboratory.

And something like that, no matter how many times we tried different pollinating techniques, would never ... NEVER ... occur naturally. There's just no way to force a fish and a tomato plant to produce offspring, which is the way dog breeds and plant hybrids were produced ... before we got so damned crafty in the laboratory.

The problem is that we can not possibly know what it might do to us ... or our future generations through our genes. It may do nothing, but it might do a lot of something really awful. We know what eating real food (whole foods like fresh fruits and vegetables and wild and domesticated animals) will do to us, because we have millions of years of evidence.

For the last hundred years, especially for people in this country, the bulk of our diet has been processed foods, and we've never been in worse condition health-wise. We already know what happens to our bodies when we primarily consume foods that are so highly processed that they don't even remotely resemble anything that grows. If those are bad for us, how worse the food that looks natural, but isn't?

Why take the chance?

I didn't know exactly what GMOs were, but I did try to stay away from them. Now that I know a bit more, I will stop trying to stay away from them, and just do it ... for me and for my family.

The good news is that it will save us thousands of dollars per year, because if we've resolved to avoid GMOs, and we can't guarantee that the restaurant we're patronizing doesn't use GMO crops in their food, then we can't eat out, right?

Saving money should make Deus Ex Machina happy ... even if it does mean no more Chinese take-out :).

**I owe thanks to Phelan for posting the video on her blog ;).

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