Saturday, December 5, 2009

Winter Prep

It actually started snowing today. It wasn't surprising or unusual. This is Maine, afterall, and it is December.

But when one considers that it was almost 70° two days ago, this snow was a bit of a surprising, and, frankly, given the temperatures for the past four weeks, it does seem unusual. Most of the time the temperature progression for us is more gradual. It's warm, and then it gets cool, and then it gets cold ... and it stays cold ... for a while ... a long while ... and it snows ... a lot ... and then it's starts to warm up a bit, and the snow starts to melt, and we make maple syrup.

The summer this year, wasn't terribly warm, and the fall hasn't been exceptionally cool, either. As such, I've allowed myself to be rather complacent about the coming of winter. I didn't put up as much food as I should have, and I've put off doing a lot of the pre-winter outside chores. Toys and bikes still litter the yard and the summer funiture and patio umbrellas aren't tucked into their winter home, ready for their annual hibernation.

It's been a weird year with lots and lots of rain. I stopped by the farm store today for winter vegetables (a local farm is offering winter storage crops this year for the first time ever and will be open two weekends in December and two weekends in January). The owner was commenting that, because of the unusually warm November we had, they had a lot of things they would not ordinarily have ... like tomatoes - certainly from the greenhouse, but tomatoes, nonetheless, from a small-scale, local farm ... in December - unheard of!

As I was driving out there, I noted that I'm not alone in my complacency. I saw several outdoor patio umbrellas still shadowing the wrought iron patio sets, a few of which still had the chair cushions on them.

I don't know why I noticed these things, and really, until I got home and thought about it, it didn't occur to me that, until today, it didn't really seem like winter was here.

I hear we're supposed to get three inches or more, which really isn't a lot of snow, for us, and as the ground is still more muddy than frozen, I don't expect it will last very long.

My bigger concern is not the snow, but rather that on the heels of this snowstorm will be one of our notorious ice storms. They happen a lot, but unlike snow, the ice will usually cause a great deal of damage to trees and power lines. We'll lose power, because that's what happens when the heavy ice adheres to the not so resilient wires.

I think we still have time to clean up the yard and put things away, but I also think that time is running out, and I need to stop stalling, admit that winter really is here, and put that patio umbrella away.


  1. WB still has his build-a-plywood-canoe project supplies on our lawn... you are definitely not alone in your resistance to winter prep!

  2. Nah, I'm glad it's here. That stupid 70 degree day this week was just wrong. Give me ice, give me snow!