Thursday, November 19, 2009

Trend Setting

Apparently, line drying clothes is still controversial in parts of the United States. Here in Maine, though, it's a non-issue, and according to the article, we're one of only a few states that will not allow local municipalities to pass laws restricting the use of a clothesline.

Maybe they figure if they outlaw clotheslines, they'll have to do something about all of the blue tarps, and, well, there just isn't enough manpower for that :).


  1. And why I'll never live in a home with a "Homeowners Association." In that article you didn't hear about anyone running up against laws that they say those states have but those stupid HA rules.

  2. Kaye - I wouldn't live in one of those neighborhoods, either. It's enough that I can't have a shed or a greenhouse because my lot is odd-shaped and too small, but to have to deal with my neighbors dictating the length of the grass in my front yard ... or the color of my curtains. No thanks!

  3. It's hard to believe in this day and age places would outlaw clothes lines.

  4. Not only do homeowners associations get all up in your business.....THEY CHARGE YOU DUES FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF HAVING THEM IN YOUR BUSINESS!

    Make double sure when buying property that you aren't in a homeowners assoication. Just because your looking at a plot of acreage in the country doesn't mean they aren't restricted. My dad learned that the hard way. From a friend of his, he bought a couple of lots in a TRAILER PARK out in the middle of BFE, RFD and soon got a letter from the HOA that they wanted dues from him and he had X number of days to underpen the house. He had never heard of an HOA before. Not a happy camper when he found out they could put a lien on his property if he didn't pay up.

    Bad, bad memories.

  5. Hi Wendy! Love the post (as always!) I want to pass along a Kreative Blogger award to you! Please stop by my blog to pick it up!

    p.s. We're soooo lucky to live in Maine!