Friday, November 27, 2009

Local Thanksgiving

I ended up cooking a lot more and a lot longer than I had intended. Basically, it started when I got out of bed and ended about 4:00 - when we sat down to dinner.

It felt like I had done a lot, but when I started counting up all of the things I'd made, it didn't seem like quite so much.

I started by deciding that today would be a good day to process those apples that have been sitting in the kitchen for a little longer than they should have. We had about a bushel, which filled four quart jars with applesauce ...
... with enough left over to have applesauce for dinner, and there were enough apples for a beautiful pie (which I didn't get a picture of, as it was gone almost as soon as it came out of the oven).

At the end of the day I'd cooked a total of four pies, two loaves of tomato-herb braided bread, roasted potatoes, smoked rabbit, and three lobsters, and I baked a jar of the creamed corn I canned a couple of months ago (which ended up tasting like buttered popcorn).

Everything was homemade, from scratch, and stuff just takes a long time to cook. I have to give it to those pioneer women, for whom today's sort of meal preparation was an everyday affair. It's not even like I made a lot. It's just that everything took so darned long. Of course, I probably could have cut about three hours off the process if I hadn't decided to make applesauce today.

Precious and Little Fire Faery thanked the lobsters before we put them in the pot. They named them, too, which didn't deter Precious from eating them. She knew that they were for dinner, and it was okay.

Talk about being in touch with one's food.

The smoked rabbit was just exactly what I'd hoped for - delicious and juicy and perfectly seasoned.

It was a good meal, and everything was really tasty. I'm not embarrassed to toot my own horn ;).

Mama-Daughter was supposed to come over with her husband and my granddaughter, but her husband wasn't feeling well, and so after we ate, I took a share over to them.

While I was in the kitchen, Deus Ex Machina was in the backyard wrestling with the numerous hides that are in different stages of the tanning process. The neighbor's son came across the street to chat, telling Deus Ex Machina that he'd witnessed a deer get hit. The police tagged the deer, and then gave the carcass to our neighbor's son. He asked Deus Ex Machina if he'd help him butcher it.

So, there will, likely, be another hide to tan.

We have a lot to be thankful for this year. We're definitely well-fed - and almost entirely from our local foodshed.

Without looking for elaborate recipes, and without making special trips out to buy food, and without working very hard at all, we had a Local Thanksgiving dinner*.

I received a note from the farm where I had a CSA membership. They're opening their farm store for the winter.

If I was ever concerned about our food security, this year has taught me that if we just look for it, the food is there.

We have a lot to be thankful for.

*Non-local ingredients were the sugar and spice(s).

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  1. Sounds like you had a great day. My sister in law hosted this year so the only cooking I had to do was cranberry sauce.

    I hope your son in law gets feeling better soon.