Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Climate Change a Hoax?

I was sojourning through the blogosphere this morning, and I happened upon this blog I read occasionally. The author is a very anti-everything, especially government, and has been particularly rabid since the election and inauguration. I don't read the blog as often as I used to, especially since the post which poked fun at the pumpkin shortage (which is, really, a big deal, and something we should all be concerned about).


Today's topic was climate change, or rather the fraud that the blog author says has been perpetuated against the people of the world. She cites an article that exposes some email messages unearthed by Russian hackers, which prove the whole thing is just nonsense. All of the climate change scientists, according to the article, are snake-oil salesmen who've been bought off by the elite who wish to oppress the world's people with "Orwellian State Policies."

Being a bit of a cynic, I've never been fully on board the climate change wagon. There may be something to the claims that our world is getting warmer which will result in catastrophic changes in our ecosphere, or it may be, as this author claims, an elaborate hoax orchestrated with the intent of levying more taxes and forced austerity on the entire human race. I mean both scenarios are equally plausible, right?

Or the changes that are being recorded (and are very real, despite the blog author's claims of fraud) could be part of the natural planetary cycles, over which we have no control, and to which we must simply adapt.

The thing is, it doesn't really matter, does it?

The fact is that we are destroying the earth, and regardless of whether we believe in climate change or not, the constant destruction of natural habitats is wreaking havoc with our biosphere. In essence, even if we haven't sullied our air with excess carbon emissions, we have been, essentially, shitting in our beds for the past two centuries of industrialized society, and now we're wallowing in our own wastes. Quite literally.

The only way to clean it all up is for us to use less. As long as we continue to consume more and more and more, we'll continue to generate more and more and more waste.

The author of the blog states that consumers have been "compelled to ... bring their own bags to supermarkets to carry home the groceries", and I wonder what's wrong with that?

What's wrong with using cloth instead of plastic? With being willing to reuse a coth bag for something as stupid as carrying groceries, rather than continuing the idiotic and incredibly wasteful practice of the one-use and throw-it-away plastic t-shirt bags? Why is it bad to want to conserve the resources needed to make those bags by using cloth instead?

Like I said, I've been skeptical of the whole global warming argument, but that hasn't stopped me from doing most of the things the climate change advocates suggest doing to become more eco-friendly.

Yes, I've been trying to reduce my carbon footprint, but ultimately, it has a lot more to do with trying to save money, trying to use less to save what little natural habitat is left out there, and trying not to take more than is fair, than it has been about saving the world.

If we're at the tipping point, as has been suggested, there's very little I can, personally, do to reverse the trend, but I can save us some cash, and make our lives more simple ... and meaningful.

So, I will continue to use cloth napkins and cloth bags, and wrap gifts in reused paper or gift bags or cloth wrappings, and shop at the farmer's market, and heat with wood rather than oil, and recycle rather than throw away, and line-dry my clothes, and raise some of my own food.

But it's not because I've been suckered into believing lies about global warming and climate change, but rather because it feels like the right thing to do.

And, even if the governments of the world unite (yeah, um ... not thinking that's going to be an easy task to accomplish) and start to levy International regulatory control via the UN (oh, please!), I won't fight for my right to choose between paper or plastic, because, ultimately, plastic doesn't biodegrade in the garden ... but paper does.


  1. In the end it is about changing our view of the world. Say you're doing it for climate change, or common sense, it just needs to be done. We can't continue to treat the earth as a giant trash heap.

  2. Yeah I'm with you. Screw saving the planet, I'm all about saving a buck.

  3. AMEN SISTAH! Bro and I have this argument all the time. He really thinks that Climate Change is a hoax, and I say it doesn't matter. Like you said, the point is that we are destructive parasites on this planet, and we don't have to be.

    Besides which, it is way more fun to do things the "old fashioned way" and get creative, ya know?

  4. Agree, agree, agree!

    I keep wanting to tell them, climate change or not, doesn't if just make sense to not be wasteful? To use resources well instead of wastefully?


    And yes, often the old ways are more fun, and I Like the results better too!