Monday, October 12, 2009

Work ... or Recreation?

It really has been an amazing weekend.

I love it when Deus Ex Machina has an extra day home. We always get so much done, but I'm left wishing the days like this could be our every day, and the stuff we do that takes up most of our time (like working) could be the stuff left for weekends.

Among the accomplishments this weekend were splitting (Deus Ex Machina) and stacking (Little Fire Faery and Precious) more wood, baking of pumpkins (Big Little Sister) for many loaves of pumpkin bread (me), cleaning out the chicken coop (me), finding the ducks' stash of eggs (the girls and Deus Ex Machina), making some yummy "local" meals (me), sorting gallons of acorns for flour this winter (me and Deus Ex Machina), and fat rendering (Deus Ex Machina) for future soap making.

Oh, I should probably explain the last one.

This afternoon Deus Ex Machina got a call from his buddy, who'd gone up north to hunt this weekend. He and his dogs caught a raccoon, and he'd saved the hide for Deus Ex Machina.

He delivered it to us (I'm saying, we have some pretty awesome people in our lives - seriously!), and Deus Ex Machina got right to work scraping it. The raccoon was ready for winter and had a pretty good fat store. After he'd scraped all the fat, Deus Ex Machina cooked it down, and we strained it through a cheesecloth into an air-tight container, which we will store in the cabinet until we're ready to use it.

The plan is to use it to make soap.

But we still have to learn to make lye.

One step at a time, right?

But each step gets us closer to living this life every day ...

... and working for money on the weekends ;).


  1. Coon soap! Approved by Tyler Durden? I'm in awe in any case.

  2. Well there you go--now you can use your acorn tannin!!! Ha ha!

    Hee hee, I just love the concept of raccoon soap.

  3. One step at a time indeed. One of the self sustainment road marks has to be making soap. I really admire what you guys are accomplishing. And I always wanted a racoon skin hat, ala Davy Crocket! The last one I saw at a local outfitter was 150 bucks. Racoons infest the lower mainland..If only I could get one of my friends there to capture a nice fat juicy one...

  4. it is nice to get extra things done especially right before the cold really sets in. i spent the day getting the wood stove ready for winter and lit a small fire to take the damp cold feeling out of the house.