Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mercury Dropping

We gave in.

The other day Deus Ex Machina checked the weather, and it was supposed to drop below freezing that night. He says, "I set the thermostat to 55°", which means he turned on the furnace.

I said, "No. Turn it back off ... and start a fire."

So, he did ... well, he didn't turn off the furnance, but he did start a fire. I kept a small fire going during the day and stoked it up before I went to bed that night.

We haven't had a continuous fire going, although two out of the last three nights we've fired up the woodstove. Deus Ex Machina doesn't always light the fire in the morning. Today, we didn't have a fire, but as soon as we got home from dance class this evening, we had one going.

Most of the people around here turned on their heat weeks ago. So, while I'm a little disappointed that we didn't hold out until the end of the month (or even as long as we waited last year), I don't really feel bad.

The fire is nice and cozy, and we're saving money on electricity by heating water for tea on the woodstove ;).

Speaking of electricity, we just got our this is where your electricity comes from statement from our electric company. Forty (40) percent of the electricity we use in our house comes from hydro power, about 1% is from "municipal waste" (garbage incernation), and 20% comes from nuclear energy. So, 60% of our electricity is non-fossil fuel based. I'm not overly enthusiastic about the nuclear component, but it's nice to know that even our grid power isn't so very dependent on fossil fuels. It gives me a bit more hope that the lights will stay on, maybe, a while longer ;).


  1. We got a similar statement that had similar breakdowns. I'm very skeptical even then. I don't trust the power company at.all.

    No heat here yet--hopefully we'll make it til Thanksgiving week when the In Laws come. We did break out the electric blankets though!

  2. We got the stove going about a week ago. It sure is nice to have tea at the ready;)

  3. I got my statement as well - I can't wait until we actually see a % of the energy showing up under the "solar" and "wind" categories!

  4. Well here in Eastern Canada( right above where you are in Maine)...I turned on the furnace for the first time last Thursday, and that very night my furnace room FLOODED, I have ZERO idea from where, but I stil tried to play the whole "karma" card and explained to Husbandly One it was probably because we turned on the furnace too soon.

    He was all, "No, you dizzy chick, it's because you turned the furnace on but switched the master control to COOL instead of HEAT, and so it tried to make the house colder than it already was. It's no wonder we had a flood in the furnace room!"

    Because, yeah? The flood? TOTALLY happened. And totally my fault.

    But I'm so cute and well-meaning...