Monday, October 26, 2009

Knitting Pretty

I found an outlet for my ... ahem ... meager knitting skill. A homeschooling friend and her daughters have committed to making an afghan to donate to the homeless shelter in our area. The afghan will consist of 100 5"x 5" squares. She asked, recently, if anyone would be interested in helping them out.

I jumped right on that challenge and committed to ... six squares - three by me and three by Big Little Sister ;). We'll probably do more, but it's good to start small. I can knit a square, but I'm not sure how fast I can get it done. You know?

So, there ya go. I won't be knitting hats, sweaters or socks any time soon (or probably ever, as I don't have the patience to learn at the moment), but I can help knit a blanket that will be very useful to someone.

Now, I just have to figure out where I can get acrylic yarn (that's the kind they asked us to use, because it's easier to keep clean) locally so that I can get started.


  1. go to the thrift stores, there are always bags of unused acrylic yarn in the craft isles.

  2. Marden's also carries yarn, if you local Marden's has a fabric section.

    Oh, and if you are making squares. then making dish cloths out of cotton would be a quick easy thing to make as well.

  3. Or you can just unravel a sweater you were going to donate/toss...easy peasy. Knit squares are like the gateway drug though. And being able to knit will help prepare you for the next ice age ;-)