Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kick Off Day!

So, this morning, first thing, my client called. I'm working on a project for them - it's their annual mailing, and this year, instead of the usual letter with envelopes, they decided to do a brochure.

Using my incredible graphics design talent, I whipped up a lovely piece of literature detailing the awesome work they do, and after a couple of (minor) changes, they think we're (almost) ready to go to press - which is to say that I'll print them all right from my super, high-speed, color inkjet printer.

What we didn't address a couple of weeks ago, when they first let me know what they intended (and back when I could still shop wherever I wanted), was the addressing of said mail pieces, and I learned this morning that their intention is for me to print out labels ... two for everyone in their contact database, because they also do a mailing in December, and, well, as long as I'm doing the printing, what's one more of each label, right?

It's five hundred. One more of each label is about five hundred labels.

The problem is that I don't have mailing labels - any mailing labels, much less five HUNDRED, which means I have to go somewhere and buy them. The question is, if I can't shop at chain stores for the rest of the month, where shall I get said labels?

I have one option of a small, local office supply store, that I will contact tomorrow in the morning. The issue is their hours and whether or not they'll be open at a time when I'll be able to go over there.

So, I may have something to confess on Sunday ... and I may not.

But if I do, this is one heck of a poor way for the challenger to start the challenge ;).

If you're interested in joining the fun, let me know. There's plenty of room ;).


  1. Isn't life funny like that. This challange will definitely make us think about our purchases. Silly me, made a shopping list for the month, and without thinking went through the Rite-aid and Cvs flyer and made my lists. The next morning I realized my "challenge" began today. It made me laugh, but realized I really didn't need most of that stuff anyway. This should be an interesting month:)

  2. Well, I have to confess that I have already broken the challenge. Hubby took the ibuprofren with him for his carpal tunnel. I woke yesterday with a creeping crud and an awesome headache. So I went to my local IGA to get the needed reliever.

    But that will be it I promise!

  3. Technically, it's not YOU shopping at a big box store, but your employer. So if you only go in and buy the items your employer sent you to buy, you're not shopping there. That is if the local store doesn't carry them, or you can't get them online. Good luck.

  4. How does it work if *I* am my employer and they are my client ... because I keep whatever supplies are not used in their project? It's quite a quandry ;). I do appreciate you helping me find a way around my predicament, though. It's good to have friends ;).

    Tammy ... Reny's :). But I agree with you. It's going to be a very interesting month. I'm just hoping I don't need anything ... yeah, right :).

    Fleecenik, you should get extra points for starting the challenge sick. I, for one, would let you slide on that one. Isn't it interesting trying to think of where to get these *every day* mundane things if we choose not to shop at a chain store? It's kind of like trying to avoid the Made in China label.

  5. So far, so good here. Logan and I even went out to dinner Thursday night at a local restuarant. I ordered some goat minerals online but it was from a company in GA, so not a national chain.