Monday, October 12, 2009

Break the Chain - (I Wish I Could Say) I Only Shopped Locally This Week

So, Monday morning my client calls and says, "We need labels for our mailing." I mentioned that I usually print out the labels they need after they've gone through the contact list and given me a list of doctors they intend to mail to.

This time, they wanted labels for ALL of the physicians and nurse practitioners on the list - over 300 names.

I gave up and went to Staples to buy the labels.

On Wednesday, they called and wanted another 100 brochures, and I was back at Staples again.

Other than that, however, we stuck with all local shops. We visited our favorite farm store with the hope of buying a big sack of potatoes (our winter staple), but they had a bad year, and the owner was debating whether he was even going to sell the larger quantities (at a reduced profit). The cashier (who likes us a lot :) took my name so that if they decided to do 50# pound bags, they could give me a call.

On Thursday, we received our (par avion) order of buckskin. By way of explanation, a few weeks ago, we were at the farmer's market and one of the vendors there saw Big Little Sister's pouch. The woman told Big Little Sister that if she'd make a few more, she'd buy them. And so, we ordered buckskin.

But we do not have a leather punch. Fortunately, our locally owned hardware store did have exactly what we needed.

At the Farmer's Market on Saturday, Big Little Sister sold two pouches and was commissioned to make a couple more, a little larger ;).

We did eat out, but only at local shops. Deus Ex Machina, who likes to drive-thru Tim Horton's every morning, even changed his morning routine. A locally-owned coffee shop recently opened not too far from where he works, and rather than visiting Tim Horton's he went there. He's such a trooper!

Unless my client needs more supplies, I should be able to have a confession-free "confession" next week ;).


  1. We only shopped locally last week! We went out twice to local restaurants, and shopped at our local health food store.

  2. I mostly did okay, but I did have to buy a tart pan at Wegman's for last week's cooking class. Alternatives might have been found if I'd had enough lead time. I can't think of where I'd look for such a purchase from a local independant...

    If dh were officially part of this challenge, there would be (much) more to report next week, but he's not. I didn't ask him to buy anything he bought though, and that's all I'm going to say on that score...

  3. I had a slow buying week. I didn't buy much. I did go to the farmers market on Sat and bought some beautiful cabbage, onions, radishes, granola energy bars, tomatoes, celery and a few apples. I did shop local grocery store for locally made bread and I did buy some stew beef. I did go to Wallys for my scrips only! I am so proud of me on that because I am a impulse buyer, especially close to Christmas. I did purchase gas at a independent store, I know the gas comes from a large supplier, but I did chose a small convience store instead of the big box chains. That's all from me this week. I find that I'm saving money with this challange, which is a great thing:)