Friday, October 30, 2009

Angry Elf

Disclaimer: The following video contains strong language and violence as he mutilates a fax machine with a baseball bat.

The commentary, while laced with profanity, is sobering for its unadulterated presentation of the truth as it is, not as our corporate media tells us it is.

What's very sad about this video is that this average Joe gets it. Our economy is in shambles, and the news reports are simply lying - plain and simple - and this guy, who, let's face it, doesn't really fit the stereotype of the intellectual elite, sees what our esteemed and (supposedly) more learned and experienced leaders (either) cannot see (or are simply hiding from us).


  1. I've got Chunky sitting in the same room so I'll have to take your word for it. I'm with you though--where's the end of the recession I keep hearing about???? Huh?

  2. Yeah, definitely not "kid" friendly ;).

  3. Great Stuff! I think I will plan on growing more root-a-veggies, just in the off chance that the "economy" isn't really recovering..

  4. I get the rage, and I share it to some extent. I just wish his response were more constructive. Buying silver and destroying stuff isn't going to change much. To be honest, his anger scares me. If that's all the middle and lower classes can come up with, we're screwed. The robber barons he rails against aren't likely to have to deal with class rage. It'll more likely be turned against someone else who never got rich on the ponzi scheme economy.

    Even with the deck so loaded against us, we (the "little" people) still have some freedom to maneuver, and to take action for our own benefit and that of our communities. Like your Chain of Fools challenge, for one. (And yes, I know I owe you an update on that front!)