Monday, September 21, 2009

We Owe

I'm afraid my poor old desktop has truly shit the bed. I never liked the imagery of that saying that Deus Ex Machina likes so much. It's so ... base, but in this case, it seems to fit. After a couple of weeks of it acting weird, it's just gone. We tried a couple of repairs, but it looks like it's probably the mother board, and the eMachine's mother boards are pretty densely packed. Replacing it with a new mother board would be difficult - at best -, and if we didn't get the exact same one, we wouldn't be able to use the restore disk, which means we would have to purchase all of the software I use, that comes standard with a "new" computer.

Anyway, the gist is that we opted to purchase a new computer for me, and I have to say that I've come a long way. Three years ago, when I bought that computer, I was eager to get out there and get a new one when my "old" one (at that time) died. This time, I wanted to fix the old one. I didn't want a new one, but when it seemed like the old one wasn't going to get fixed, I didn't just rush out to replace it. I wanted to shop around, to get the best deal, to not settle for what I could walk out of the store with that day.

... what I really wanted was to not be forced to replace something that should still be functioning - after only THREE years! I wanted not to be a slave to planned obsolescence, and I'm kind of pissed off that I have been forced into it.

So, I didn't buy from a chain store, and instead ordered one from an Internet retailer, which means I have to wait.

I'm finding that I'm cultivating quite a lot of patience these days ... and I kind of like it.

I watched the movie I.O.USA the other day. It was disturbing. We, as a country, are seriously in debt. I'm not talking about our individual credit card debt, which is bad enough, but the debt our country owes to foreign creditors.

Our five major creditors are: China, "oil exporting" countries, Canada, Mexico ... and one other I can't remember. In "my lifetime" the INTEREST on the loans we owe will be so high that our federal government will not be able to pay for anything, except debt service. In "my lifetime" it is conceivable that we could end up with a 50% tax rate.

FIFTY PERCENT! HALF of everything we earn could be taken by the government. HALF! And just to pay off Canada, Mexico, China, the oil exporting countries ... and that other guy.

Isn't anyone else sick and damned tired of the government spending our money?

It feels like my identity has been stolen and some kid who wants to build a prom date has been spending *my* money. *I* didn't agree to half the shit the government has bought in the past twelve years, but my voice wasn't heard. The shitty part is that I am going to be held just as responsible for that debt as the slick-dick who took the dough and did something stupid with it.

It's beginning to look a lot like Nottingham, and I'm wondering who will be Robin Hood.

We're all getting much poorer, and those who didn't see the writing on the wall and start preparing years ago are going to have a really hard go of things in the very near future. There's no way that we won't see an increase in our taxes. It's not possible to fund these programs without money, and we simply can not borrow anymore from our neighbors. We just can't.

I'm feeling overwhelmed by it all, because it seems so simple to me. Stabilize the government's "income" by siplifying the tax code so that everyone is paying the same percentage of income, trim the fat and pay for nothing except the essentials, and then service the debt, aggressively.

In a perfect world, right?


  1. Yep, saw that movie. It was quite depressing. How do you pay off trillions of dollars worth of debt?

  2. As a Canadian, I find it very ironic/funny that "you" as Americans owe "us" money. Because believe me, WE owe lots of other countries too, including the USA. SO blah blah blah, we each borrowed a few bucks from the other along the way, the way best friends do. Doesn't it make sense we should each cancel out an equal amount of debt? Doesn't it??

    Apparently not, apparently we're both going to keep paying interest to each other, because we are all morons.

    No bitterness here.