Thursday, September 17, 2009

There was a whispery shudder and the screen went black ...

My computer died.

But I have a back-up ... a laptop. It's on my desk. I'm certain that any minute now, I'm going to pull out the keyboard for my desktop and wonder why it won't work when I type.

Unfortunately, being a back-up, it doesn't have all of the "stuff" I'm used to having, like bookmarked sites and such.

It's not fun to have to change one's habits.

If you think about it, though, my computer dying is almost a metaphor for what my life has become ... a changing of long entrenched habits. Of course, I've been afforded the opportunity to change my other habits slowly, if I wished. With losing my computer so suddenly (like it was working yesterday, and last night it just shut-off, and then, this morning rien), there was no gradual weaning myself - which has worked with some things I've stopped, like the coffee habit, the soda habit, and smoking - all of which I quit, cold turkey, like *that*.

But, as you see, I didn't quit the computer. I'm still here :). I just don't have all of my familiars.

And tomorrow, when I have to work, trying to transcribe on the laptop without my fancy ergonomic keyboard, is going to be interesting.

I'm pretty sure it's just the video card, though, and the new one should be here tomorrow and ready for installation by my head IT guy ... Deus Ex Machina ... this weekend :).

On a different note, I pressure canned creamed corn last night. This years' firsts for canning include the corn, potatoes and beans - lots of beans.

I need more shelf space :).


  1. Are canned taters good? This is where I'd want the root cellar--for my taters to store over the winter....

    Bummer about the 'puter!

  2. Canned potatoes are, essentially, boiled potatoes, and yeah, I'd say they're good. But I like potatoes :).

    I wish for a root cellar, too, so that I would have better storage options. As it stands, even long-storage crops don't last long, and I'm out of room for canned things ;). It's definitely one of those areas that we'll have to rectify if we ever hope to be self-sufficient ;).

    No big deal about the computer. It'll be fixed, soon ;).

  3. Sorry about the computer Wendy. I wouldn't know what to do without my main computer. I backup all my info at least once a month. Which reminds me, I need to do a backup...

    Kentucky Preppers Network

  4. Yeah. I should have a back-up system :). We're talking about one of those USB hard-drives, but it's not a priority ... although, considering that I'm dependent on the computer for my livelihood, it seems like it would be a priority :). All of my invoices are on the other computer .... Hey!