Saturday, September 5, 2009


Somebody please tell them to stop taking my money and doing things with it.

*IF* I choose to save for my "retirement", that should be MY business.

But *if* they are going to continue to take my money on the pretense of giving me a social security stipend when I turn sixty-five, then they better damned well be saving that money for me. I just wish they'd stop trying to make "employers" force employees to save and to carry insurance. Why should my relationship with my employer be so intimate?

Mostly I'm just sick and damned tired of the government trying to be my daddy. Guess what? I have a daddy, and I don't need another one. And guess what else? My daddy doesn't tell me how to spend my money. It's none of his damned business, since he doesn't give me the money.

The same is true of the government. "They" don't give *me* any money or any services that I haven't already paid for. So, "they" need to get their greedy little paws out of my pocketbook, and stop trying to make me buy things I neither need nor want.

In short, if I wanted an IRA, I'd have one.

That said, my "retirement fund" is sitting in my living room right now (which is also part of the "retirement"). My plan is to pay off my house, expand my nanofarm to be more self-sufficient, build a really strong, local community where we all help each other regardless of who has money, and, when I'm no longer able to support myself, have one of my (many) children live with me until I die.

With a winner of a plan like that, who needs money? Right?


  1. That's my retirement plan. Of course, when I told my 16 year old this was my plan he gave me a look like I was already for the home.

  2. I think retirement might be one of those words that goes by the wayside like dungarees.

  3. Amen. I've got two walking 401K's living with us right now--LOL! Dr. MS and I have already made plans to return to our teenage jobs of movie theater monkeys when we're 85. Like SS will be around then...hahahahahahaha! We'll be working til we die. Retirement is for suckers.
    But seriously I appreciate the government treating me like a dumbass and giving me the option of giving me my tax refund in the form of a savings bond so I can "save." Good lord, are you kidding me? Oh please help me save Uncle Sam! I can't figure it out on my own!!!
    For the record: We've earned $30.54 in interest in the Bush Buddy Bucks Uncle Sam gave us a few years ago. That's right, this horrible American went and bought a CD with that money instead of stimulating the economy.