Wednesday, September 2, 2009

No Impact Trailer

I just watched the trailer for the No Impact Man Documentary. I saved my copy on Netflix. I can't wait to see the film. It looks awesomely funny ;).

If my family had done the No Impact experiment, I'd be Colin and Deus Ex Machina would be Michele. Colin started the project for a book, and in the trailer, Michele often refers to it as his project. She's described all over the 'net as the "reluctant wife."

Reminds me of my house back in 2006, when I started eating local, and buying baby chicks, and digging up the lawn, and turning the thermostat down - and dragging Deus Ex Machina through my eco-hell - sometimes metaphorically kicking and screaming. He's not totally on board, even now, and I have pulled back, a bit. And he's stopped kicking ... mostly. He never, actually, screamed, although he did scowl at a lot of my suggestions (including the chickens :).

But, I'd never get as far as Colin was able to go.

A few years ago I asked Deus Ex Machina if he'd give up toilet paper if I could get a book deal. He didn't even hesitate in saying ... in fact, I didn't even get the entire question out.


Oh, well. I hope Colin makes a fortune.

I know he's already made an "impact."


  1. AFter 10 years I've realized that's the fun of being married--slowly getting them to conform to the schemes! Muhahahahaha!

  2. I have to echo Bezzie's reply!! Though, after all this time, I haven't made MUCH progress....

  3. No one ever realizes how maliable they are until they get married.

    Jeff thought that our chickens were just me going on another nutty but now he has grown to like them.

  4. I have to laugh.. I told my dad about some people using cloth for toilet paper and then washing and reusing them. You should have seen the look on his face! lol I guess after growing up using the sears catalog as toilet paper in the outhouse, he doesn't want to go back!