Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Things I Will Miss if (when) TS really does HTF

My son called me today. He said "they" (he and his friends) wanted to know how to pronounce the word that means fear of long words.

I didn't know what the word was. It took me about a minute to find it on the Internet.

The word is hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia.

I love the Internet. I love being able to find things and search new ideas. I get all of my news and most of my entertainment from the Internet. I use it to order books and redbush tea for Deus Ex Machina (because there's only one store around me that has it, and it costs a lot to buy it there). I love that the Internet gives me the option of shopping around ... without leaving my home.

But the Internet is a huge energy sucking monster, and even if we all gave up our cars (not likely) and learned to grow our own food, and saved all of our (alternative) energy to operate the server farms that power this vast network of computers, it's unlikely that there'd be enough.

And then there's the energy cost of manufacturing the equipment needed to access and maintain the Internet infrastructure (computers, etc).

Oh, and then, I guess we'd all need at least enough power in our homes to operate our computers so that we could access the Internet, because without people browsing it, it's ... well, it's a tree falling in the woods.

As we lose bits and pieces of the life we all take for granted, the thing I will regret losing most is this little window into worlds I might not otherwise have known.


  1. I think I'd be alright if we lost the computer, except for me, this is also my communication tool. No phone for me, can't hear it, so I use emails to contact people, and AIM for using relay calls to hearing people. I'd have to depend more on the husband, which isn't so bad, but it's a loss of independence for me. I would, however, miss the learning I do when I read other people's blogs... like how you shared your peppermint extract with me, and how other people share their tricks. THAT'S what I'd miss.

  2. For me the internet is a blessing and a curse. If I want a recipe for some ingredients I have it is easy to just look something uo. When my own education of peak oil was beginning the internet was a great resource to calm some of those fears that arose.

    On the other hand, I lived a life without the internet for a long time and I think I could make better use of my time some days if it were not here. Timesink is the word that comes to mind.

  3. I think I would miss the people I have "met" here on the internet. Through the blogs and emails there is a little contact with the world beyond my own neighborhood. I can literally sit here and imagine wondering how the folks I have gotten to know here are doing once there is no more internet or phone system anymore. Hoping they are okay. The internet has made the world a little smaller for me.

  4. I think the internet is what I would miss most. I love researching things and learning new things. So much information at my fingertips! But I agree with Fleecenik Farm, it can be the ultimate time waster too.

  5. I am so happy yo have stumbled on your blog! One of those someone who commented on mine had a link to you and here I am. I am a big advocat of blooming where one is planted so a surviving in the suburbs blog is right up my lane.