Saturday, August 15, 2009


Thanks, Bayberry for your comment about the chicken umbrellas :). It reminded me of this great use for a satellite dish that I had seen in a Mother Earth News article.

When I googled satellite dish gazebo there were several hits, and so, I guess, it's not a novel idea, but it is a cool one.

If I can find an old satellite dish, I have just the spot for a gazebo :).


  1. I've always wanted to take one of these dishes, clean it up, paint the inside like Italian tiles and use the center hole for a fountain, making my own little piece of Venice for the birds to enjoy. It's one of my someday projects.

  2. My uncle made a gazebo out of an old style dish and it turned out really neat. I wish I had thought to take my camera when I saw it.

  3. very freaking cool! i haven't seen those norad jr. sized dishes since i left ak though....

  4. There was a little dish satelitte dish left on a tree in our yard. onour to do lit is to turn it into a bird bath...