Friday, August 28, 2009

Not What I Thought It Was

The other day I found this:

... attached to one of the logs in our stack of wood.

My whole life I've thought it was a locust shell. I've been told it was a locust shell.

Today, I found this ...

... flying around in my office.

At first I thought it was a monster fly. Then, after I caught it in a jar, I thought it was a locust.

It's neither. It's a cicada.

A locust looks like a grasshopper.

The things we learn as we get older ;).


  1. Not a very attractive bug, is it? For years I'd hear cicadas (mostly on my mid-west visits) and wondered what they looked like. Off to the internet - just like you.

    Lately we've gotten a lot of wolf spiders setting up shop in our front and backyard; they make a different web each night it seems. They are UGLY. Our resident photographer has taken some really cool close-up shots - maybe I'll post them closer to Halloween. Ick.

    P.S. Thanks also for stopping at my blog to read Applesauce.

  2. Do you get the electric cicada buzz up there?

    I'll never forget the first time I heard that noise when I moved down to the lower 48. I avoided this one tree on my way to class thinking the powerline near the tree was sounding like it was going to short out.

    Little did this Alaska girl know that it was just cicadas trying to get their groove on! Ha ha!

    We do get locusts up there though. Drove thru them one summer--so thick they made the road slippery. Ewww!

  3. Conny - No, not terribly pretty, but wow! It was just the most incredible thing. Aside from the cockroaches we had in the barracks when I lived in Texas, I believe it's the biggest bug I've ever seen. Amazing!

    Kaye - I didn't even know we had cicadas all the way up here. In fact, today was the first time I'd even seen one. I had to look it up on the Internet to make sure it wouldn't kill all of my plants, but apparently, mostly, they like trees, and while they do some damage, they aren't considered good or bad.

    I'm not sure that I've ever seen a locust, either, but I probably have and just mistook it for a grasshopper ;).

  4. I can tell from this post you are not from the South! lol! those things are just everywhere here; like locusts at times!