Monday, August 3, 2009

My "Village" :)

Aunt Tammy is always lookin' out for us.

The other day, Aunt Tammy was at the recycling center in her town, and a woman walked in with a plastic laundry basket full of canning jars - the kind with the wired on glass lids, which are totally awesome for storing stuff (and can be used for canning with the use of a rubber seal). She was just going to discard them.

Aunt Tammy took one look and thought, "Wendy would like those."

And I would.

And I do!

Thanks, Aunt Tammy!


  1. I have serious jar envy. I love those wire jars but never seem to find them at a reasonable price. Score!

  2. okay, call it a cheap thrill but I just go ga-ga over a good canning jar score!

    I am living vicariously through your good fortune;)

  3. Nice! What a good community you have going there. My neighbor brought me over 2 dozen ears of corn from is garden. Which was awesome because I got no corn from my garden.

  4. Score!! I got a lot of my canning jars from the free shed at the landfill before we moved. They had a section where you could drop off stuff you didn't want, but it was too good to throw away, then people could come in and take what they wanted. You wouldn't believe the stuff people left!

    Sad thing, they closed it down last year because people didn't respect the rules and actually had fisticuffs over items in there!

    Lucky you to have people that think of you! :o)