Sunday, August 23, 2009

Doomer Dinner

I've heard the phrase "[insert name here] ceases to amaze me" for most of my life, and I've even said it a few times, but it wasn't until today that the true meaning of this phrase finally hit me. I mean, really hit me - like an epiphany -, and I finally understand what it means.

As we were going through our day today, I let Deus Ex Machina know that for dinner, I planned to cook the chicken that was thawing in the fridge.

And not only was I planning that for dinner, but I also intended to cook it in our new campstove.

So, after breakfast, we restacked the wood in the backyard to make room for the pergola we will be building. It was hot, dirty work on a pretty muggy, buggy day, and so, after we finished restacking the wood, we all played for a bit in our new (used) pool (thanks Aunt C and Uncle C ;), and then we had to run a couple of errands.

On the way home, the remnants of Hurricane Bill passed over us.

I still wanted to cook chicken and potatoes in the campstove, and Deus Ex Machina made sure that I was able.

In the pouring rain, he went outside and lit a fire in the firepit.

Did I mention it was pouring rain? I mean, soaked-through-to-the-skin-in-two-minutes-flat, torrential downpour.

He had a roaring fire going in less time than it took me to cut up potatoes and carrots and season the chicken.

I helped him cut a couple of branches we had lying around the yard, and he lashed them together to make a tripod.

An hour and a half later later, we were eating our "doomer dinner" consisting of chicken (we raised) seasoned with herbs (from our garden) and cooked with potatoes (from our garden) and carrots (from the Farmer's Market). It was a 10 mile dinner, if you include the carrots, and was completely prepared without the help of any fossil fuel ... inspite of the rain.

That wonderful husband of mine never ceases to amaze me!


What's a Doomer Dinner?

Several months ago, Peak Oil Hausfrau challenged us to prepare a meal using what we stored or what was available in our gardens. This was mine and consisted, almost wholly, of food we grew right here on our nanofarm in the suburbs.


  1. Your garden did so much better than mine! We would starve if we had to eat out of mine. My chickens are due to be processed and I can't find anyone local to do it, so I guess it will be me. Can't get more local than that. I'm going to have to look into this camp stove.

  2. Very Cool! Especially starting the fire in the rain! You can also use that find dutch oven for cooking beanhole beans. They are one of my favorite ways of cooking them.!

  3. What a great guy-and hurrah on your Doomer Dinner! Hope it was delicious!

  4. Nice!!! And the baking you'll be able to do in that!

  5. Wendy, that's awesome! I just did the chicken on a spit thing over the fire with greenwood and the second time I did it with three chickens and it poured. We have some old beach umbrellas that did just fine! I have to try this next.

  6. Doomer Dinner: What a fun idea! We all need to reclaim these skills. I'm also a fan of cast iron. I like the way it holds and distributes heat, it's well seasoned so it's easy to clean with water and pot scrubber (no soap), and, I no longer trust corporations to tell us the truth about what's in those non-stick surfaces.

  7. LOVE it!
    I've wanted to do this so often but my partner and housemates bring up an important point: We don't know where the gas line is in the ground. So until we do, we use a raised brazier for outdoor cooking.