Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Things That Make You Go ... Hmm??

Do you think there was a group of people in the 1920s who predicted the Great Depression and started stocking up and doing exercises like the Independence Day Challenge or last year's Twenty-One Days 'Til Collapse?

I wonder if any of them wrote any books that were published.

Wouldn't that be a great book to read?


  1. That would be awesome. I think the Great Depression took too many folks by surprise, though. They didn't have the resources we have now to predict such things.

    Besides, stocking up was more of a way of life back then, wasn't it? I mean, most folks had gardens of some kind or another, and small family farms were still the norm....

    But it's definitely something to think about...

  2. I read a comment you made last September on Granny Miller's blog about Dolly Freed.


    You mentioned that you have a digital copy of the book. I am new to Dolly Freed and wondered if you might be able to help me find out how or where I can go online to read the "Possum Living" book. Thank you in advance for your help either way.

    ~Mrs. M