Thursday, July 23, 2009

No Vampires Here

I was worried that I might not have planted enough garlic for the year - especially given what I purchased from Snell in the fall last year.

But I think I might be okay. This is the first harvest. All but one of the bulbs in the picture were planted around the apple sapling (as more of a "pest" deterrent), and I never (really) expected to harvest them, but here they are.

And, oh, the smell!

I love garlic ;).

What's funny, though, is that I've always understood that cutting the scapes results in bigger bulbs. The two that were cut are tiny, and all of the really large bulbs still have the scape attached.

I'll probably never really figure it all out, but I'm having a lot of fun just muddling through.

I can hardly wait to harvest the garlic bed.


  1. WB is becoming quite the garlic farmer himself. His (I can't really say ours because this is his baby) first harvest is probably 3 times yours-- and we have twice that still growing. He does cut the scapes-- pickled some and dried and ground up others to use as garlic powder-- so while he does pick them in an effort to make the bulbs bigger, it's also become a crop of it's own.

    I can't find his post on garlic harvest, but this machine is old and slow and giving me the spinning beach ball of death. I think it's last fall, but maybe August, if you want to search it yourself.

    And isn't the smell just delightful? I love it!

  2. I need to dig my garlic bed and see if anything is in there. It got overtaken with weeds this spring, but there may be garlic in there? I'll replant this fall and try again. That is the nice thing about gardens, you always get to try again.

  3. Christy, I was actually pleasantly surprised to see the garlic under the apple tree. I planted it last summer, never expecting a harvest, and left it to overwinter, even though it had grown. This year, it flowered, and so I pulled a couple of bulbs.

    You should definitely check out your garden and see what you got :).

    Thanks, Rach:) - rub it in :). But when I run out of garlic, don't be surprised to see me on your doorstep with a basket to carry some home :). I thought about drying the scapes for garlic powder, and I did harvest a few, which I made into pesto (very yummy!), but you're right. Harvesting the scapes makes "two" harvests for the planting of one - great deal!

  4. yeah!!! Glad your garlic is doing well. Garlic and onions are 2 essentials (celery would be a third) that I worry about having when TSHTF-full-force. I mean, I may not LIKE going without tomatoes or cucumbers (and, wouldn't have to COMPLETELY), but to do without garlic and onions (and celery)??? Unthinkable! But, onions and garlic don't do well up here, unless you've got a greenhouse. *sigh* So anyway.... Enjoy your garlic!

  5. Most of the garlic I planted last fall was from saved seed. I always pick the best, biggest heads for this with the hope of playing with natural selection.

  6. Do you guys get wild garlic up there? I've always wondered what difference was between wild and cultivated? I always mean to plant a pot of it in the winter, but forget!!