Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Forest ... er, Garden?

I never planted this much bee balm. It just comes up, a few more plants every year. The milkweed in this bed is a "volunteer", too. I never planted any milkweed. It's funny to see this bed in the spring, after the snow melts. It looks like nothing will ever grow there, and here we are, three months later, and it's a crazy jungle.

The bees, the butterflies, and the hummingbirds love it. I think it's pretty, and I won't change a thing ... except I do pull some of the bee balm and milkweed, in an attempt to give some of the other plants that are in there a chance (see the Purple cone flower? And there's some tarragon and thyme in there somewhere, too ;).

The front yard has changed a bit this year, too. I'm planning to put strawberries along the road to the left of the grape. Hopefully, in another year, when the grape gets established, we'll actually have something to harvest. The far left of the picture is the edible flower garden with the scarlet runner bean on the PVC trellis I erected. It's just as pretty as I hoped it would be.

Here you can see the "edible forest garden." It started with the apple tree and has grown a little at a time. Hazelnut bushes are the borders on either side, and I've added some purple cone flower, chives (as pest control for the apple tree), chamomile, and a couple of flower plants the girls wanted from the garden center. My mother-in-law gave me a St. John's Wort for my birthday, and that's there, too. It will be fun to see this garden in three years ;).

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  1. I hope my bee balm spreads like that! My coneflower is struggling due to lack of rain. And Mark pulled my Joe Pye Weed, he thought is was a weed LOL.