Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Building Community Food Systems Day

Deus Ex Machina took our second batch of chickens to the butcher on Monday, and I picked them up yesterday. They dressed out at just under 6 lbs each. We had five of them cut up and left fresh. So, when I got home, I divided the different cuts into freezer bags. We have five packages of breast meat (one to two meals each package), two packages of thighs, one package each of wings and legs, and two packages of backs, which will be good for making soups and broths. We also took the organ meats, and I'm thinking I'll learn to make pate ;).

After I got back home and had taken care of the chicken, I cut up the zuchinni we were given when we gave the farm stand guy a jump, marinated it in vinegar and salt and made dried zuchinni chips. I also cut up, marinated, and dried the last of the beef from the quarter cow we purchased in December.

I knew a couple of weeks ago that our beef stores were getting low, and so when I was at the farm getting milk, I'd talked with the farmer about getting another quarter cow - whenever one was available. A week or so later, he told me that he was taking in one of his cows for hamburg and asked me if I wanted any.

Uh ... Yes!

I left him my name and number so that he could give me a call when he had the meat.

Yesterday afternoon, I got a call. He was on his way to the butcher (ironically, the same one we use for our chickens :), and he wanted to know if I still wanted some hamburg.

Uh ... Yes!

He asked for directions to my house, and after he'd picked up the meat, he stopped by and dropped off thirty pounds.

I mean, truly, is there better service than that? He raised the cow, he took the cow to the butcher, he picked up the meat, and he delivered it to my doorstep.

Deus Ex Machina and I had a conversation last night about building community and the gist was that we all do what we're able to do to help out our neighbors. Maybe our contribution, today, seems bigger than theirs, but it all evens out in the end. We raise chickens and a garden and share the meat and produce with our neighbor, and then the farmer up the road delivers thirty pounds of fresh ground hamburg to our doorstep.

Community is a wonderful thing.

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  1. I wish I could find someone to do the chickens for me. I'm not thrilled with the idea of doing it myself.