Monday, June 22, 2009

Stuff I See When I'm Supposed to be Working

From my desk, while I'm working, I can look out the window and see the irises. They're purple - my favorite color.

They're often visited, usually by bumblebees, and today, when I looked out I saw a visitor. I was just about to say, "That is the biggest bumblebee I have ever seen," when I realized it wasn't a bumblebee, at all. It was a hummingbird.

That was a fun thing to see.

I also noticed that the garlic scapes are growing, which is a very good sign that my garlic is forming cloves underground.

Now, if the potatoes would just flower ....


  1. I've got the same thing going with the taters. They've been up for a month-still no flowers. They're huge, too.

  2. My taters have been really slow to grow this year. Not sure what the deal is. But hopefully fall won't come too early...

  3. my taters have once again out-paced me with keeping soil (or compost) heaped on top of them. Not sure if I should, now that the leaves are so big, put more soil/compost on tome of them. Don't really have any to top them with, anyway.