Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We're in the Bunnies

"We've got a lot of little lapins in the yard ..."

Patches gave birth sometime in the last twenty-four hours. I counted six - four that will be black and white, like the momma, and two that look like they might have the coloring of their father - but I didn't want to bother the new mom, and so I'm not positive of my count.

The three little bunny-wranglers are very excited ;).

Today's homestead count: six hens, eight broilers, nine rabbits, two ducks, two dogs ... and five humans ;).


  1. Congrats! Does this make you a grandmabunny? Grahumanbunny?

  2. The cute must be overwhelming! I want bunnies so bad, but we are under a no new pets for a while edict per the hubby.

  3. How exciting for you?? Is this the first time she gave birth? I can see the girls faces now, they must be so happy. I'll have to come by and see all your farm animals. Is there still room for a garden? :)

  4. Congrats on your bunnies! Bet they're cuuuuute! :o)

    We found a patch of wild peppermint and I remember you posted once about making your own peppermint extract. I searched the internet for a recipe, but can't find one. Could you please repost your recipe? 1 cup of mint to 1 cup of vodka?? I'd appreciate it. Thanks! :o)

  5. awwwww, baby bunnies!!!! Enjoy the baby-hood while it lasts! (Are these for eating later? If so..... ok, maybe don't enjoy the baby-hood TOO much, or it may be hard to actually eat them later.)

  6. awesome! beware: it happened to us a few years ago and we ended up with rabbits coming out our ears. LOL

    I have wild ones now instead. Everything is brown in FL right now, and the bunnies come up to the outdoor shower to graze because that's the only place with green grass. I love them that way. No cages to clean, lol

    Sometimes I think the wild rabbits in the yard are related to the domestic rabbits we had because they look sort of just half wild in coloring. Our rabbits got loose in the big hurricane. So it's possible I guess.

  7. Kati - LOL! The bunnies are my daughters' fund-raising project, but with the understanding that any who aren't sold will be food. I'll probably have to tell them it's chicken, though ;)

    Bayberry - We've had bunnies for a lot of years, but when we first started out as "bunny farmers" we learned, quickly, that the phrase "breed like rabbits" is steeped 100% in fact! In four months' time we had twenty-two rabbits. It was a tough lesson, but we've gotten smarter, and our "breeders" don't live together anymore ;). It would be cool to have wild bunnies, but our neighbors might have a problem with it - especially as the one is a bit ired at my runaway raspberry bramble :).