Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Plant Something

I spied a headline today from iReport on CNN.com, and I was curious. It read Potatoes Planted in Protest. The video showed a peaceful protest in Iceland held in front of the Parliament building. People there are sick of what's happening with the banking crisis in that country and are speaking out. Their economy has already collapsed, and many of the citizens are having a really hard time.

There were a couple of speeches and some music.

But the best was the guy who was speaking a louder message while quietly going about his work and not saying one word. As the music plays in the background, he is busy with his trowel, digging, two holes at a time, into which he drops one potato seed per hole.

As the video explanation tells it, the message people want to send to the government is that they "don't have money to buy food." So what do they do?

The guy in the video plants potatoes.

And that is the example we should all be following.


  1. There are more videos of the potato protest at www.youtube.com/dorisig
    And thanks for commenting on my video on CNN


  2. Dori - thank YOU for sharing the video. I think it's an incredibly important message - and one we all need to hear. Keep up the good work!

  3. And you don't even need the seeds...any old funky potato will do.
    Productive protest. Very refreshing.