Sunday, May 31, 2009

Independence Day Challenge 2009: Week 5

Plant something:

I direct sowed broccoli and some more spinach seed this week.

I still haven't planted the valerian. Soon ;).

Big Little sister turned twelve today. She was given a gardening set and some seeds from one of her friends. She planted some sunflowers in the earthboxes.

Harvest something:

Deus Ex Machina was busy harvesting on Saturday. We've decided that this is the year that we are going to put to practice all of the knowledge we've gained over the years about edible plants in our area - things we don't normally think of as food - and start using them.

But there are a lot of plants to learn about. I mean, it's a veritable grocery store out there, just ready for the picking. The problem is that we just don't know how to prepare all of this wonderful food. So, we decided to concentrate on one thing, and decided it would be acorns.

Only problem is that acorns are a fall crop, and it's still spring.

So, he just disregarded all of our plans and went foraging. He brought home cattail and milkweed. Actually, he brought home cattail, but he just went out in the yard for milkweed - which we have growing prolifically all over my herb garden - an accidental planting many years, which we've always enjoyed because of the Monarch butterflies, who love it ;).

Anyway, milkweed tastes a like a cross between green beans and asparagus - very pleasant.

Cattail tastes like cucumber. Yum!

We still haven't tried to harvest and preserve either of them, yet, but Deus Ex Machina is working on leaching the starch out of the cattail root to make flour ... and from what we understand, milkweed can be canned just like green beans ;).

Preserve something:

Nothing, yet.

Reduce Waste:

Nothing out of the ordinary this week. Kitchen scraps go to the chickens. Animal wastes go in the composter or straight to the gardens (rabbit only). So, there's no waste, but it's also not something new.

I know. Boring. Sorry ....

Build Community Food Systems:

My friend, SnitchMom, came over, and I was (finally) able to repay part of my massive debt to her for all of the things she's given us by giving her some of the peppermint we have growing around the yard. We're not even close to even, but it was nice that, for once, I had something to offer her :).

Eat the Food:

Preparation and Storage:

I can not even think of one thing I did in this category.

Next week is dance rehearsals all week followed by a week of dance rehearsals and recital pictures. I won't be taking a "break" from the IDC, because, really, it's become such a regular part of just what we do. What I will, likely, take a break from is documenting our progress, because ... I may not be around much for the next two weeks.

I'll try to put something up here, though, as I hate stale content ;).

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