Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cute Baby Shot

Our bunny, Patches, gave birth a couple of weeks ago, and I realized I hadn't posted a picture.

There are seven - five black and white (like their mama), and two dark gray ... I'm not sure why, as the sire is brown.

Here they are, in all their cuteness.

Patches is in the back of the picture saying, "Hey, what're you doing in here?"


  1. oh, I LOVE bunnies!! I'll take em all!!
    (my husband will say no!)

  2. Good lord does it get any cuter than baby bunnies???

  3. AAARRRGGHHHH..gurgel..snifff...That is just too much cuteness in one picture.

  4. Oh, they are soooo cute! Cute and cuddly :)

  5. Cute. Been there - done that. Until they multiplied and multiplied and multiplied. Which is good if you're planning them for the menu like our friend Dolly. And where oh where is Dolly anyway?

  6. Bayberry: I have to laugh, because this isn't our first experience with rabbits. Our first experience taught us the truth behind the phrase, "Breeds like rabbits." As you said, "multiplied and multiplied and multiplied ...."

    So, are you rereading Possum Living? I wish I knew where Dolly was. You know that question if you could have lunch with any person living or dead? My answer would be Dolly Freed ;).

    And, yes, they are on the menu.