Monday, March 30, 2009

Disturbing Trends

In his essay (and blog) about his experiences surviving the economic and social collapse in Argentina, FarFel says that those with a small piece of land (on which to grow food or raise animals) and neighbors close by (for "group" protection) fared the best, i.e. those in the suburbs.

An article in yesterday's Portland Press Herald states that burgularies are on the rise here ... in Maine, of all places! The areas being hardest hit are described as "rural homes" specifically houses "separated from neighbors by woods that help conceal the crimes."

In the cities, police have noted no increase in home burgularies, but robberies (stealing from a person) seem to be on the rise.

Authorities are attributing this increase in crime to the hard times.

I think it's incredibly sad that when times get bad, some people decide it's okay to just take from others.


  1. My students noticed this morning that random acts of violence of all sorts are on the rise. It's not hard to predict this trend-- people are stressed and losing stuff and not used to not having everything they want when they want it. It's good for our society for have this correction, but it certainly brings a lot of trouble as we correct.

  2. Rach:), what's interesting to me is that your students made the observation. I think, as a society, we would all do well to pause for a moment and listen to the children. They know a lot more than we give them credit for.

    And I agree. The correction is a good thing, but it's going to be very messy until we figure it out, and I don't think things will ever be like they were when you and I were "young" adults.

  3. I want to see a larger version of your garden plan, is there somewhere to see it? What program did you use to make it?